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Ministry of External Affairs is organizing the second edition of Bharat Ko Janiye” (BKJ) Quiz (“Know India Quiz”) for overseas Indian youth between the age of 18 and 35 years in 2018-2019. The quiz will be held in 4 rounds. The first round will be conducted by High Commission of India, Malta in two distinct categories of participants-PIOs and NRIs separately online in July 2018. The High Commission will give medals to top three winners of each category who will then participate in the second round to be conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs. The 3rd and 4th rounds will also be conducted by the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Participants invited for onsite quiz (3rd and 4th rounds) would attend a workshop in New Delhi and participate in the Bharat Ko Janiye Yatra (“Know India Journey”) which will be a 15 day tour of India. The final round will be held in New Delhi and top 3 winners will be awarded medals at the Pravasi Bhartiya Divas Convention 2019.

For any further details regarding the “Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz”, please visit the web portal https://www.bharatkojaniye.in/ which features the following information:

  1. Guidelines for Bharat Ko Janiye Quiz (BKJQ)

  2. General Rules

  3. Quiz Structure including Registration Form

  4. Know India (write ups)

  5. Model Test

  6. FAQs

Interested NRIs and PIOs may send their personal details (name, date of birth, e-mail address, mobile no., NRI/PIO etc.) to hoc.valletta@mea.gov.in.

A copy of the Quiz Structure is attached herewith for reference.

8 June, 2018

BHARAT KO JANIYE’ Quiz 2018-19

Quiz Structure

Round I:

(i) First round of the Quiz will be conducted by High Commission of India, Malta, online at the portal (https://www.bharatkojaniye.in/)  in July, 2018.

(ii) There is no entry fee for participation in the ‘Bharat Ko Janiye’ Quiz.

(iii) There will be 30 Questions which are to be answered in a single online session of 25 minutes. There is no negative marking.

(iv) Some reading material has been uploaded on BKJQ web portal (www.bharatkojaniye.in) for participant’s reference.

(v) Online Quiz is open for overseas Indian youth between the age of 15 & 35 years as on 1st January 2019 (Born not before 01 January 1984 and not after 01 January 2004).

(vi) The quiz will be held for two categories:- (a) NRI Category i.e. Indian Passport Holders in Malta & (b) PIO/OCI Category i.e. PIO or OCI card holders/ or whose either of parents or grand parents are PIO/OCI card holders.

Round II, III & IV: Second, Third and Fourth Rounds will be conducted by Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi. The top three contenders of the Round I from each category of NRI and PIO will qualify for Round II.

Online Registration Mandatory

Eligible Participants in Malta are requested to complete online mandatory registration at portal (https://www.bharatkojaniye.in/) in order to participate in the online quiz Round I to be conducted by the High Commission in July 2018. Participants are required to generate a unique USER Name and Password by registering online at the portal.

With this USER name and Password, Participants can login on the BKJQ portal and take part in the Mock/Practice Test without any limitations. Score received in these practice/mock rounds will not be taken into consideration. The MOCK TEST will give participants a chance to understand the process in BKJ Quiz.

For the Quiz Contest only the registered participants will be informed once the QUIZ WINDOW opens. There will be only one chance for one USER (USER Login) for BKJ QUIZ Round I.

Interested NRIs and PIOs in Malta in the age category of 15-35 years are requested to kindly complete online registration at portalwww.bharatkojaniye.in, as per instructions attached.


Instructions for registration for ‘Bharat Ko Janiye’ Quiz 2018-19

STEP-1) Go to Websitehttps://www.bharatkojaniye.in/

STEP-2) Click on Register (orange button on top right hand side)

STEP- 3) Click on Register and Fill details in Registration Form (First Name, Last Name, User Name, Password, Date of Birth, Country of Residence, E-mail ID) & ‘Submit

STEP-4) You will get a POPUP message “Registration completed successfully, please check your registered email for verification link.”

STEP-5) Open your e-mail account, a welcome mail will be available.

STEP-6) Click on the e-mail Link to enable your BKJ Account”

STEP-7) When you click on e-mail Link, BKJ site will open up.

STEP-8) Click on “LOGIN (Fill USER NAME & Password)

STEP-9) Now your Registered First Name will appears on Screen and you may edit your profile, participate in MOCK Tests etc. by “LOGIN” with your USER NAME & Password


After registration on BKJ Portal; please confirm the same by sending following details to High Commissionof India, Malta by e-mail at hoc.valletta@mea.gov.in 


Date of Birth:

E-mail ID:

Mobile Number

Category: NRI/PIO

Have you registered on BKJ Portal: Yes/No

Note: (i) Last Date for registration is July 05, 2018.

(ii) For more information/guidelines/instructions please visit BKJ Portal www.bharatkojaniye.in

(ii) For any doubts/clarifications, please contact this High Commission by e-mail at hoc.valletta@mea.gov.in or admn.valletta@mea,gov,in