About Us Passport and other Consular Services Fees

Details of service Fee in Euro
Issue of passport for minor children
(below the age of 8 years)
Issue of passport for applicant of the age of 60 years and above 54.00
Issue of new passport
(10 years validity)
Issue of passport
(Jumbo booklet 60 pages & 10 years validity)
Issue of new passport for change of appearance/signature 60.00
Issue of duplicate passport 110.00
Issue of duplicate passport (Jumbo booklet 60 pages) 130.00
Issue of passport for minor children
(up to 18 years of age and 5 years validity)

Replacement of Indian passport due to change in personal particulars
(addition/deletion of name of spouse, change of address, change of name/maiden or married status, etc.)
36 pages: 60.00
60 pages: 75.00

Attestation 25.00
Birth certificate 25.00
Citizenship certificate 25.00
Chamber of Commerce/Merchant shipping attestation 62.00
Passport replacement due to deletion ECR status 60.00

Marriage certificate 25.00
Miscellaneous certificate 25.00
Miscellaneous service 20.00
Fresh normal Overseas Citizen of India(OCI) card 216.00+3.00 (service charge)
Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card for PIO card holder 95

Police Clearance certificate (PCC) 20.00
Pension/Life certificate 0.00
Pension/Signature attestation 0.00
Registration of birth 25.00
Death Registration 0.25
Signature attestation 12.00
Emergency certificate 12.00
Surrender of India citizenship/passport 172
Translation verification 25.00
True copy attestation 12.00
Tibetan Nationals:
Certificate identity/Additional booklet for Tibetan Nationals 15.00
Renewal of Identity certificate   6.00
Duplicate Emergency/Identity certificate 30.00